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Scallops made simple!

Added 24 February 2011 by Emily Botham - Comments (0)

Happy St George’s Day!

Fridays are busy days here, we’ve been working hard leading up to a hectic weekend…… peeling over a hundred quail’s eggs = shrivelled fingers!
As the sun made a brief appearance at midday we decided to whack the Barbie on for a great light lunch!

Scallops (the freshest possible)….season….’hoy’ on the HOT barbie for a couple of minutes each side

Pesto…. in the food processor blitz all the ingredients….a bunch of basil, handful of pine nuts, good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, half a clove of garlic, good chunk of grated Parmesan, tbsp red wine vinegar, tsp sugar and seasoning.

served with a good crusty bread and of course a light Sauvignon Blanc (not at work!!!)


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